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Radar / Laser / GPS (Fixed Speed Camera / Red Light Camera) DETECTOR
Control Module Radar/Laser Antenna Display Module
Control Module Radar / Laser Receiver Display Module
Interface GPS Antenna Powered Speaker
 Interface (Connection hub) GPS Antenna Powered Speaker
Note: Images of components are not to scale & do not show connecting cables

Beltronics XRC PLUS is the ultimate installed Radar/Laser System in a standard (remote) configuration. It has the longest detection range of any full-coverage Radar/Laser Detector. Complete immunity to RDDs is guaranteed.

Beltronics XRC PLUS now features integrated GPS technology.

GPS TrueLock : Eliminates false alerts from K-band door openers based on specific frequencies and locations.
GPS Defender : Preloaded database of Australian fixed-speed camera and red light locations. Up-dateable through the Internet.
GPS Mark : Compile a personal database of danger areas such as frequent hand-held (instant-on) trap locations.
K-band and Ka-band segmentation provides greater alert range for mobile, hand-held and photo radars. If desired, specific radar frequencies can be scanned and others excluded. This results in even faster scanning and further increases detection performance. By switching off K-band 3, the detector can be used without interference from Radar Cruise-Control Systems like Mercedes Disctronic.
Radar Detection
K-band : (23.950 GHz - 24.250 GHz) Segments 1 - 2 - 3
Ka-band : (33.400 GHz - 36.000 GHz) Segments 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -10
Band Segmentation - Scan just the radar frequencies used in your area.
Laser Detection
904nm : (50 MHz bandwidth)
Beltronics XRC-Plus is 100% undetectable to all RDDs
XRC-PLUS is immune to Spectre IV and VG-2 Interceptor
Control Components Alert Components  
Mini Control Module
Mini Display Module
Dual colour LED (optional fitting)
Remote Powered Speaker
Radar Antenna / Laser Sensors (single housing)
GPS Antenna
Connection Interface
USB Cable (for software updates)
Cables / Connectors / Brackets
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Warranty   Price $1795.00
Parts & Labour : 12 months  

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