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StealthManIt's not enough for a Radar Detector to be electronically undetectable to Radar Detector Detectors. In locations where RDs are restricted in some or all vehicles, penalties involve confiscation, a substantial fine and demerit points. With a portable or simple-remote system, the possibility of physical discovery cannot be discounted. Prevention is better than the consequences of over-confidence. A desire for super-stealth is the best but not only motivation for fitting a Radar/Laser in an ultra-low-profile configuration. A "totally hidden" system may be preferred for various reasons.

    To maintain the standard appearance of a distinctive vehicle.
    The potential for theft is eliminated. What they cannot see they cannot take!
    Safety reasons. A heavy object (portable RD) held in place on a windshield with suction cups is a potential hazard.
    Diplomatic immunity!
Not all highway patrol cars are as obvious as these. States also use unmarked vehicles of various makes and models - even luxury and sports cars. Experienced "LEOs" are on the lookout for radar detectors even though their RDDs are unable to detect Beltronics and Escort models with TotalShield Technology. They do have the ability to spot any RD that is visible. Unfortunately portable radar/laser detectors cannot be effective without looking through the windscreen. Mounting below dash level will reduce radar detection range and eliminate laser detection. Effective detection performance plus complete stealth can only be achieved with one particular type of system.

The A-B-C of radar stealth:
There are three levels of "stealth" installation (configuration) for Radar Detectors that are "undetectable" to RDDs.

C. Portable
The advantage of a portable radar detector is its portability. This type of unit can be operated in many vehicles used by the one driver. Unfortunately, in detector-unfriendly areas its aforementioned "visibility" renders it vulnerable to discovery. In close proximity to other motorists, the device might be seen by a "savvy" viewer. Many HP-LEOs may be inclined to take a closer look. There is no way to eliminate this possibility completely. A "cover" of some sort is the best solution. For prestige or sports cars this is not a "tidy" option.
B. Remote (simple)
All current, so-called "stealth installation" Radar/Laser Detection Systems can more correctly be described as "simple remotes". This includes all "installed" models from Beltronics, Escort and Whistler. The major detection components (sensors) are positioned outside the interior (remotely) of the vehicle. Hidden behind plastic bumper bars or concealed in openings makes them invisible or nearly so. However, there is no attempt to make the interior installations "invisible" either permanently or temporarily - at short notice. The control "pieces" are not actually hidden but simply placed below the top of the dashboard. Other motorists cannot see the vehicle is equipped with a radar/laser detector. This may seem "safe" for areas where the devices are restricted. Not so!

Simple-remote systems leave the detector "control panel" and/or "display panel" on-show. Adhesives are used to hold them in place. The units we have assessed all have cables attached permanently to a behind-dash interface making the connections inaccessible. Therefore, the "tell-tale" little "boxes" cannot be removed without breaking adhesive joints and dismantling panels. The module (or modules) will be easily found by looking into the vehicle or upon a simple search.
Identification is certain by shape, size and brand. In detector-unfriendly areas, simple-remote radar/laser detectors provide a false sense of security. The truth is that descriptions of being "concealed" are inaccurate. The control and display modules are merely placed below the "window-line". When a traffic stop occurs, the radar detection system will suddenly be "revealed" rather than "concealed". Ouch!!!
Believing that "basic" simple-remotes are safe from discovery is naive. Little more than wishful thinking. With confiscation, $1,000+ fines and nine-point penalties in some areas, the stakes are too high for gambling on never coming under close scrutiny. There are a multitude of circumstances where a motorist might be involved in a traffic-stop. Just looking into the vehicle can reveal the existence of a simple-remote radar detector. Hiding the control and display panels in locations such as ashtrays is of limited value. Experienced enforcers are aware of these "tricks". Such half-hearted attempts at physical stealth can be discovered. Why do retailers of these easy-to-discover systems insist on describing them as hidden or concealed? Presumably they have never contemplated the "standards" that qualify a system installation to earn the designation "stealth". It's said that ignorance is much more common than dishonesty!

A. Hidden configuration (advanced)
When the ultimate in privacy is desired, hidden Radar/Laser/GPS that is engineered for super-stealth is essential. There are two types. These are not off-the-shelf products. They are custom, "modified" designs incorporating the best radar detection and laser jamming performance combined with new components for real stealth. This is by far the "safest option" for detector-unfriendly areas.

(ii.) Custom modified control and display: Our unique modifications overcome the limitations apparent in manufacturers designs (visible "interior" components that are "fixed"). Stealth Radar Systems has designed and manufactured "docking/undocking" technology to allow removal of the miniature modules when required. Low profile (concealed) quick connect/disconnect "sub-interfaces", permit these "components" to be detached in seconds.

When properly installed, Stealth Radar Systems provide confidence that discovery of the "kit" is virtually impossible.
Because the standard appearance of a vehicle can be restored speedily, there is no need to worry about "others" ever being aware that a system is fitted to the car. Friends, acquaintances, customers, service personnel, valet parking attendants, determined enforcers will never know of your secret.

Docking Design - fast, safe removal of Control and Display Modules
SRS Control (docked) SRS Control (undocked) SRS Display Module UnDocked SRS Display Module Docked
Control Module - Docked
This is the installed appearance in your vehicle
Control Module - UnDocked
The Module can be removed when required
Display Module - UnDocked
The Module can be removed when required
Display Module - Docked
This is the installed appearance in your vehicle
SRS Custom "Super-Stealth" with removable Control and Display modules provides security and peace-of-mind

Important: Here is a little known fact! The basic functions (radar/laser detection) of "standard" remote radar/laser detectors (Beltronics and Escort) will still work without the Control and Display Modules attached. However this is not a permanent configuration option, as the modules need to be used often for the GPS functions such as blocking false alert locations and marking danger areas. The Control Module must be connected for "firmware" upgrades.

Warning: Removing the Control Module (of a standard Beltronics/Escort remote system) does not "turn off" the radar detection and alert functions or parallel (other brand) laser detection and jamming capability. That's why Stealth Radar Systems feature a "Security Key" that activates or deactivates all components from one switch. With Stealth Radar Systems, every possible precaution has been considered to deliver what we designate --- Super-Stealth.

Stealth Radar Systems are designed and constructed to be integrated into sports & luxury vehicles for superior stealth installations. This is the standard by which others types of systems can be judged!
Stealth Ratings: Standard #1 + Standard #2:
The characteristics that make a truly stealth Radar Detection System are as follows.
Undetectable electronically : Critically important (2 stars)
Components under window line : Advantageous (1 star)
Removable Control & Display Modules : Extremely important (2 stars)
Electronically undetectable
System out-of-sight to other motorists
Hidden controls and display components. Dockable modules.
Super-Stealth installations are the safest : SRS 1000 | SRS 2000
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